About me

Hi, I’m Qian Qiao (乔谦 in Chinese). Many English speakers find it is hard to pronounce my Chinese name, so you can call me Flora if you like.

I am a senior student at University of Waterloo, double major in Computer Science, and Combinatorics & Optimization. I will receive Bachelor of Mathematics(Computer Science) in June 2016. My academic interests mainly focus on Numerical Analysis, Data Mining, Computational Photography, etc.

Selected Projects

Fast Sudoku Solver Tian et
        al. (2016) Fig 4
Broman et al. (2013) Fig 7 Tian et al. (2015) Fig 4


Qian Qiao
University of Waterloo
Faculty of Mathematics
Waterloo, Ontario N2G3L1

Email: qIqiaodon't@wantuspam! waterlooSo.pleasecleave omemalone!
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Qian Qiao